It's People Who Create Results

Greater Enthusiasm
                                                    Better Collaboration
More Innovation

Better Business Results
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It's the people in an organization who create the results! Communication and collaboration - room for improvement at your workplace? Are changes implemented in an optimal manner? How about employee engagement and enthusiasm? What characterizes organizational culture where you work? 

These are key factors for whether individuals perform at their best and whether the organizations they work for are successful. Productivity, quality, innovation, safety, service are all dependent on the people in your organization.

Moreover, human aspects such as competencies and culture are not as easily copied as technical systems. This gives organizations who get the human component right a clear advantage.
"There is general recognition that in today's economy, human assets are the most critical resources for both organizational success and regional economic growth." 
                                                                        Jeffrey Pfeffer, Stanford University

That people thrive and flourish at work is of course also a valuable goal in itself.
Psychology at Work makes use of up-to-date psychological knowledge and research, combined with many years of practical experience, to achieve better results for individuals, groups and organizations in the workplace.
The format can be seminars, development programs, projects,
presentations, and coaching for individuals and groups. 

Organizational Psychologist Joy Buikema Fjærtoft


+47 995 99 446

Since 2009 Joy has been employed at Oslo University Hospital in the Department of 
Work Environment and projects for Psychology at Work have therefore been on a smaller scale.

Projects for Oslo University Hospital are not included on this website.


  • See Facebook for news This webpage will no longer be updated with news. See Psychology at Work´s Facebook page. 
    Lagt inn 12. nov. 2017, 08:59 av Joy Buikema Fjærtoft
  • Nobel Prize in Work Culture Indeed exciting that psychologists May Britt and Edvard Moser are soon to receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Especially interesting is the emphasis they place on work environment ...
    Lagt inn 5. des. 2014, 05:52 av Joy Buikema Fjærtoft
  • 1st Well-Med Conference Attended a great conference in Alexandroupolis, Greece, om health professionals' well-being and burnout, patient safety and organizational culture. First keynote was by Christina Maslach, my main reference when I ...
    Lagt inn 13. jun. 2014, 06:53 av Joy Buikema Fjærtoft
  • Opprykksseminar UiO 12.02.14 For fjerde år på rad bisto min nettverkskollega Synnøve Christensen og jeg Universitetet i Oslo med å arrangere "Opprykksseminar". Andelen kvinnelige professorer er økt fra 25% i ...
    Lagt inn 7. mar. 2014, 06:34 av Joy Buikema Fjærtoft
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