Talks and Seminars

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Culture, Communication, Change.....

Here are some titles:
Work Enthusiasm - Practical advice for individuals and groups
Leading Change - What a leader needs to know
Living with Change - Survival guide for employees
Emotional Intelligence - What is it and why is it so important?
Negotiation Psychology - Address core concerns and achieve better results 
Leveraging Diversity - How to make the most of personal, professional and cultural differences
Mergers - Learning from research and experience to avoid common pitfalls
Impact - Getting your message across!
Communication - Dialog in practice
Creativity Can Be Learned - Mindset and techniques
Cross-Cultural Communication - Dealing with the challenges of multicultural teams
Culture Change - Moving from as-is to should-be
Personal Effectiveness - How to manage your time, your focus, yourself to get what is important for you
Stress Management - Dealing with situational and cognitive aspects 
Helping Each Other Shine - Flourishing in the work place
Open Plan Offices and other designs. Architecture, structure, culture - and work efficiency