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lagt inn 12. nov. 2017, 08:50 av Joy Buikema Fjærtoft   [ oppdatert 12. nov. 2017, 08:59 ]

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Nobel Prize in Work Culture

lagt inn 5. des. 2014, 04:59 av Joy Buikema Fjærtoft   [ oppdatert 5. des. 2014, 05:52 ]

Indeed exciting that psychologists May Britt and Edvard Moser are soon to receive the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine. Especially interesting is the emphasis they place on work environment and internal culture in their multicultural research group. I have previously used their shining example in seminars for research groups, and called their work "Nobel prize material", so it is quite intriguing that this was in fact the case. Working on organizational culture pays off! One of their post doc students is quoted as saying, "If there were a Nobel Prize for the best workplace, I think they would have won that, too!"

What specifically do they emphasize, how does it relate to organizational culture and what can we learn from this for multicultural teams? The following interview gives several insights:
http://www.ledelse.as/ukeavisen/2014/23/hadde-ikke-rotter-engang. Summarized, their ambition has been "to be world-leaders not only when it comes to research in our field, but also when it comes to animal welfare and the work environment for our people." On classic cultural dimensions this work environment or culture can be described as more egalitarian than hierarchical, more team-oriented than individualistic, and strongly perfomance-oriented. Their underlying philosophy is found in the statement "We can’t deliver excellent research without an environment where everyone dares to contribute". The norms they accentuate to accomplish this are:

 0-tolerance for arrogance and ridicule
• There is no such thing as a stupid question.
All input shall receive a positive response.
No one shall sit alone and feel overlooked.
When recruiting, social skills are as important as scientific ones.

Not all research groups or other teams have this kind of culture, believe me. But it can be developed! For more info see Organizational CultureCross-Cultural Skills and Creativity and Innovation.

1st Well-Med Conference

lagt inn 13. jun. 2014, 06:32 av Joy Buikema Fjærtoft   [ oppdatert 13. jun. 2014, 06:53 ]

Attended a great conference in Alexandroupolis, Greece, om health professionals' well-being and burnout, patient safety and organizational culture. First keynote was by Christina Maslach, my main reference when I wrote my thesis/dissertation on organizational culture and burnout already back in the late 80's. 

Main take-home message: Organizational culture - especially communication culture and teamwork - affects well-being and burnout among doctors and nurses, as well as patient safety. This is well documented, but unfortunately there is little research on interventions. Being a practioner, this is what interests me most, what do we DO about it? There were some examples, however: CREW - Civility, Respect and Engagement in the Workplace. Interestingly, the core of this cultural change program for hospitals is work on group norms, which is also at the center of much of my work. 

Charles Vincent, Oxford/Imperial College, on Patient Safety.

It also rains in Greece.

Keynote speakers

Keynote speakers.
  • Christina Maslach, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • Charles Vincent, Imperial College London
  • Eileen D. Gambrill, University of California, USA
  • Jean Wallace, University of Calgary, Canada
  • Deborah Kirklin, UCL, UK
  • Liselotte N. Dyrbye, Mayo Clinic, USA
  • Hardeep Singh, Houston VA Health Services, USA
  • Mary Catherine Beach, School of Medicine, John Hopkins University, USA

Opprykksseminar UiO

lagt inn 16. jan. 2014, 12:23 av Joy Buikema Fjærtoft   [ oppdatert 7. mar. 2014, 06:34 ]

12.02.14 For fjerde år på rad bisto min nettverkskollega Synnøve Christensen og jeg Universitetet i Oslo med å arrangere "Opprykksseminar". Andelen kvinnelige professorer er økt fra 25% i 2010 til 29% i 2013, og dette seminaret et et ledd i arbeide med å øke andelen og få flere kvinner til å søke opprykk. Andre tiltak inkluderer coachinggruppene som vi leder. På seminaret fortalte to nyutnevnte og engasjerte professorer om sine erfaringer, og vi ga faglige innspill med overskrift "Det indre glasstaket". 

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